A private collection tour…

Every woman loves jewelry and I am no exception!

What a great idea to bring home some lovely Italian joy as holiday gifts plus meet a beautiful artist? Meet Anna…

Anna Lord and her husband of 30 yrs Signor Ascoli allowed me the pleasure to visit their home/studio in San Ginese, just outside Lucca. Another amazing contact made via the power of the internet. This beautiful blond from Finland met me with a big smile and begin with a tour of her lovely garden, within ten minutes I had a case of persimmons in my hands! Small world, she actually used to live in our area of Bagni Di Lucca years ago and knew our village and it’s people well. She is a free spirited artist, one you could sit and listen to all night- and I almost did.
After we became fast friends, solved world peace, and knew each others ancestry- we entered her husbands workshop. He was fast at work on a Friday evening creating another amazing pair of earrings. Anna seems to design the lot and he executes the craft. He also had several items he had created himself and I was instantly in love. She unrolled the creations in small batches so I was not overwhelmed and let me ohhh and ahhh but I never felt pressured. I chose several items as Christmas gifts and one for me. As I type, I need at least four more that I should have bought! Good thing she ships.
Anna uses precious metals of silver, copper and gold with all types of stones. They have both traveled around the world and brought home interesting artifacts they have also used in amazing necklace and bracelet creations. The styles were from simple and classy, to fun and whimsical and even Egyptian and Asian inspired. But I had to stick to my budget so I gathered my gifts and finally left the gracious couple! Of course, he sent me home with homemade jams and more fruit…Italians are truly the most gracious people.
I can not wait to see her again next summer.
What a joy some people are…from the first handshake you just know how wonderful the next few moments will be…that was my evening with Anna.

The artist in her garden…

Hard at work…

Her sun/moon pendant is her trademark …

These green babies went home with me…

This was an emerald!

This wrist candy is mine…as soon as I hit the lottery!

Good bye sweet studio…until next time.

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