Horses in the hills…

In November I went to the Ranch!! I worked with Fredrico and Laura again. I have posted about the ranch before but was so glad to return!

It was a lovely day and I was ready to get to work! After helping bring out saddles for riding lessons, Laura handed me a scruffy, tough wired brush…then she nodded over to one of my favorite horses. So, I brushed, …I brushed and brushed and brushed…

As I brushed, I watched as Laura worked with almost a dozen students ranging in all ages and skills. One guy kept saying “whoa whoa” and of course his horse sped up! Ha
One young lady was very beautiful on the horse, while others looked afraid! Laura was so gentle with each client.

I also made the picnic area pretty, raking leaves and limbs. It is still Fall here and the leaves are falling like rain. I cleaned the outside stall and brushed some more!
After the day of lessons I walked the horses back up to where they live when they are not working. It is the side of a hill actually and guess what it is filled with? DIRT!
Those crazy horses went right out and rolled in the dirt!

On Monday we go to the forno (bakery) to get the old bread to feed the horses. Laura’s English has really improved. She is working hard on her English to work with her growing tourist crowd. Fredrico helped me with my Italian and I taught him some horse terms in English. But once he realized my iphone transated, he kept saying “phone phone”! They are looking forward to our group’s return in June. Laura wants to do line dancing with us! Ha

Everything we did this past summer still looked good and I eyed a huge mulch pile praying that wouldn’t be my job after lunch!

If you visit Tuscany stop off the beaten track and enjoy a mountain ride with Laura at “Il Nostro West ” in Mutigliano (minutes from Lucca) and ask for Lady..she is the sweetest horse!

email them at

Waiting to get to work…

The hillside of dirt…uurrrggg

This was hubby’s horse this summer, he is so lovely. His name is Paco.

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