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To Market To Market …

Ok..I’ll admit it…I dream of one day learning how to cook. Italy’s market places  have inspired me to learn. I love going to the open markets on any given day.  Every village has there assigned market day. In Bagni it … Continue reading

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Say “Cheese”!

I am so lucky to have a kid who will eat anything. She will try anything and always has been adventuresome in the food arena. But there is one thing she LOVES like most kids…cheese. However, I’m not talking about … Continue reading

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Romans gathered here…

In the center of an old Roman grid, in the center of town, Lucca’s famous San Michele stands to welcome it’s visitors. Located on the site of an ancient Roman forum, San Michele has the “wow” value when you come around … Continue reading

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I got gas…

By accident…I somehow received “gas” water in Italy. ..after wrinkling my nose, the kind waitress said..”you like no gas?”..I said, “umm…yes, no gas please”. Just so no one has to suffer this painful gassy experience let’s talk about drinks in Italy. … Continue reading

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