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BBQ…it’s a southern thing…

One¬†day my Aunt P who had moved to PA for love called saying she was ready to come back to Tennessee…She said she wanted to come home where BBQ was a noun , not a verb! I have always loved … Continue reading

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A stop in Chianti…

Just a short 3.5 km from the famous SR222 is the wondrous winery called Tenuta di Riseccoli. We literally just “came upon it” trying to make our way back to Greve and stopped to visit. It was early, we were … Continue reading

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Staying in a castle….

If you ever find yourself in Rome and do not have time for the 2.5 hr drive to Pompeii you may consider a quick 40 min train ride from the city centre to Ostia Antica, or better yet…stay in a … Continue reading

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Watch out Naples…

This is a public service announcement…We interrupt the normal broadcast of my blog to report this announcement ….ha… I apologize for my subscribers who look for travel tips and memories in my blog but I do feel like it is … Continue reading

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“Off the boat from Italy…”

After being married to Italian’s from New York I have often used the phrase “off the boat” to mean…authentic, original, Mamma Mia, etc, After our interest in Italy grew so did my hubby’s interest in his past. His Mother and … Continue reading

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Now that is just …weird.

We have done a lot of crazy, fun, interesting, educational, yummy and¬†amazing things with my tour guide, turned friend Heather Jarmin with Sapori e Saperi Tours. But one day last summer was just….weird. We started with an amazing cup of … Continue reading

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Along the S222…The Chianti Way….

As a Realtor, a “For Sale” sign always makes my head turn. In Italy, “Vendita” is the word for “sale” and as you travel along the S222 winding road in Chianti you will see these signs. I have often wanted … Continue reading

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Italian Secrets-Tiny Twists and Sugar Bread!

Happy New Year 2012….we are looking forward to fulfilling many dreams and goals this year and like many we are making “promises” to ourselves…mine…to learn Italian and run more….I will NEED to run after all the wonderful Italian sweets we … Continue reading

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